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People over 40 years old working out with Julio Riudavets @mrfitat50, certified personal trainer.
Active & Functional Personal Training sessions for 40+ in Westchester
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Tailored personal training sessions for 40+, in the convenience of your own home.

Active & Functional  by @MRFITAT50

Why focus on 40+? Being 52 myself, I can understand the unique needs and challenges that come with aging. After the age of 40, we tend to lose approximately 1% of our muscle mass annually. Less muscle means greater weakness and less mobility, both of which may increase your risk of falls and fractures. Regular exercise can combat age-related changes like decreased muscle mass, bone density, and increased body fat, which can cause health problems and reduce quality of life. Exercise can help maintain healthy weight, improve mood, mental health, and increase energy. I can help you achieve your fitness goals with a customized exercise program tailored to your current fitness level, health concerns, and personal preferences.

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"A year from now you may wish you have started today..." 

Karen Lamb

...but with my help, you may not have to wish at all. I'm confident that in a year from now you will look back at yourself and be proud of what you have achieved. As a personal trainer in his early 50s, I'm an excellent choice for people looking to start exercising later in life. Being in the same life stage as my clients can create a better connection and understanding between us. Additionally, having experienced physical changes and challenges associated with aging myself, I have a better comprehension of what my clients may be going through and can tailor workouts accordingly.

I met Julio during my time as an expat in Warsaw. Our shared experience in a foreign land created an instant bond, and our encounter became a turning point in my fitness journey.
His customized workouts, tailored to my specific needs and limitations, resulted in incredible results and increased independence in my daily life.

Walter M. - 57yr

My method

My vision into fitness combines three workout approaches —cardio, resistance training, and functional workouts— into a unified method that covers the entire spectrum of fitness.

My program recognizes the importance of cardio exercises in maintaining cardiovascular health and calorie burn. Additionally, it acknowledges the significance of resistance training for promoting muscle growth, improving bone density, and further enhancing calorie expenditure. Lastly, the inclusion of functional workouts ensures the development of metabolic conditioning, enhances heart health, and strengthens joints for improved functionality.

By integrating these elements, my clients experience comprehensive benefits that lead to being better, faster, stronger, and healthier overall.

Julio Riudavets, @mrfitat50, Certified Personal trainer with a 40+ years old customer working out.


Customized workouts

I can create a workout plan that is customized to your individual needs, taking into account any medical conditions, injuries, or physical limitations you may have. As you get older, it becomes increasingly important to engage in exercises that improve flexibility, balance, and joint mobility, and I can help you design a routine that addresses these needs

Motivation and Accountability

Staying motivated to exercise can be a challenge at any age, but I will provide support, encouragement, and accountability. Knowing that I will be visiting you is a powerful motivator.

Efficiency and Safety

I have the expertise to demonstrate the correct form for each exercise and make necessary corrections to ensure that each movement is executed properly. By doing so, I can not only prevent injury but also maximize the effectiveness of each exercise. 

Here are just some reasons to start your fitness journey
with me today

You can also try my
small group workouts
(2-3 people)

Train with your friends in a more cost-effective way.
Small group training is more fun and increases accountability and adherence to the program.

My Story

Born and raised in Spain, I have always had a passion for fitness and a drive to help others improve their quality of life.

Ten years ago I embarked on an adventurous journey with my family, including my wife and three kids, that took us to various countries, including Switzerland and Poland, where I combined my job in marketing with my love for fitness.

However, a few years ago, I made a life-changing decision to shift my focus entirely to fitness. I started my journey as a CrossFit Coach, and then expanded my expertise to include coaching CrossFit for kids and FitBoxing. Eventually, I became a Certified Personal Trainer, improving my skills and knowledge to better serve my clients.

I found my calling in working with people over 40 years old, as I believe that they can relate to someone in their same age span and understand their unique needs and challenges. I have also had the opportunity to coach younger populations, and I enjoy helping people of all ages improve their physical health and overall well-being.

Recently, I relocated to the United States, specifically Westchester County, and I am excited to build a new community of like-minded individuals who are committed to improving their quality of life and combating the challenges that come with aging. I am passionate about empowering my clients to achieve their fitness goals, and I am dedicated to providing personalized coaching and tailored programs to help them thrive. Together, we can conquer the obstacles that aging presents and create a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life.

Julio Riudavets @mrfitat50, certified personal trainer in Westchester NY
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